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Digital Two-Wire Villa Intercom System Kit


Digital technology; All 2-wire connection

Intercom, monitor, unlock

Double unlock button

Picture memory; Voice message leave

Privacy/do not disturb feature

IC Card reader for entry optional

Available to adjust unlock time, monitor time, communication time, ringing time, etc.

Available to connect with doorbell & exit push button

Anti-dismantle alarm feature

Product wiring:

305 Cost-efficient Analog Villa Intercom System Kit


This system is available with calling transfer between indoor monitor

Talk Volume & Ringing Volume can be adjusted independently

Ringing volume can be mute

Easy surface mount installation

Support 2 outdoor stations & 4 indoor monitor for large villa

4-wire series connection saves more wiring cost

Product wiring:

305 Analog Villa Intercom System Kit


DIY system with 4 wires; PLUG & PLAY connection

Various flexible connection diagrams are optional

Max. capacity: Up to 4 door stations and 4 indoor phones

12 melody ring tones are optional

Use two group passwords to release two doors and gates(Model No.18)

Double unlock buttons to release two doors/gates/garages....

Use cards to release the doors

Surface and flush mount are optional

Rainproof and anti-vandal

Night viewing; illuminated call button

Privacy functions are available

Product wiring:

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