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V34 Touch Key Video Door Phone for Residential Complex

Super thin design with touch key;

Monitoring outdoor stations within the permissions;

Equipped with secondary doorbell interface;

Only need a Category 5 cable without additional power supply.

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Basic Functions:

Video Intercom: answer the outdoor station and wall door station, and perform the intercom and unlock function.

Message Function: voice message can be made when the call center does not answer.

Security Alarm: the zone alarm has the function of alarm elimination and presses any key to stop the alarm.
Call Center: call management center to intercom.

Video Surveillance: monitoring outdoor stations within the permissions.

Privacy Mode: put the indoor station into silent mode (no ringing tone).

Call Elevator: real-time linkage with the elevator to support the downstream call operation.

Emergency Help: an emergency help button can be separately connected to the emergency help function, and the help information is sent to the management center.

Secondary Doorbell: with secondary doorbell interface.

Simple Installation: the indoor station does not need to write address and can be used when plugged in.

Easy Power Supply: there is no need to separately supply additional power to the indoor station, just a category 5 network cable.

Technical Parameters:      

Panel material: ABS

Color: white

Dimension: 210*130*16mm

IP grade: IP30

Resolution: 800*480

Video format: VGA

Working voltage: DC18-28V

Maximum power consumption: 3.9W (single video intercom) 1.6W (single alarm)

Power supply mode: powered by digital floor distributor

Transmission method: analog bus, wire 8 core wire (5 network cable)  

Zone power supply: independent power supply


Subject : V34 Touch Key Video Door Phone for Residential Complex

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