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V31 Video Intercom Indoor Phone

Screen Clean function

Vandal-resistant Alarm

Lift-control function

house to house Intercom,Blackist Management

Receive massage from Property Center

Call Center and SOS

Defence Area Management ,anti-hijacked alarm function

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The V31 video intercom indoor phone is made for meeting the increase demands of security for home,which is the part of best residential intercom system. This indoor phone can be used for remote unlocking so that you can open the door just in your home, you also can talk with strangers without in reality opening the door because of the in-built camera. higher product made with top quality materials and you can not only manage all traditional function of the video phone system(calls,audio,opening door),but also can leave message or snapshot photo.you can press the emergency button to call the doorkeeper and security guard for emergency help

Basic Functions:

Receive call from Outdoor Units to intercom and unlock;

Call other Indoor Units and Guard Center to intercom;

Leave voice-message, with snapshot photos;

Zone alarm with armed and disarmed function; with 3 modes: Home Mode, Out Mode, Disarmed Mode;

Receive and check the message from Property Management Center and other Indoor Units;

Monitor the outdoor units video within permission;

Three Silent Mode: Not Disturb Mode, Normal Mode and Timing Not Disturb Mode;

Real-time linkage with the elevator to control elevator;

Long press 2 seconds for emergency assistance, send help information to the management center at the same time;

Enter into Lock-screen status automatically, clean the interface regularly;

Technical Parameters:

Working Voltage: DC12-24V±10% (SPOE support)

Max Power Consumption: 5.5W

Standby Power Consumption: 1.7W

Display: 7-inch TFT LCD

Operation: Capacitive Touch/Capacitive Pushbutton

Installation: Surface Mounting

Panel Material: PMMA

Dimension(mm): 200×140×15.9

Subject : V31 Video Intercom Indoor Phone

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