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V-27 Small Size Acrylic Panel Indoor Phone

Glass panel, slim surface mounting design;

Easy to arm or disarm, using double-bond to arm or disarm;

Extendable indoor phones and intercom between indoor ;

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Basic functions:


Audio/video transmission through cat-5 cable, clear image and large volume without squealing;

With handfree visual intercom, monitor, unlock and communicate with management center functions;

Various melody ringtones are optional;

4 alarm zones and door switch can be connected;

Arm/disarm the alarm zone by IC card or password;

Connection with 4 in 1 controller for snapshot, information publishing and advertising broadcasting;

Extended indoor phones can be connected with the probe and ask for support from management center;


Technical parameters:

Display: 4.3-inch TFT

Resolution: 480X272

Video input:1VP-P/75Ω

Public information: 80 pcs

Audio SNR: 25dB

Audio distortion: 10%

Standby current: 70mA

Working current: 150mA (video no include)

Working temperature: -10~+55

Physical dimensions: 126X180X21 mm

Mounting dimensions: surface mounting - 60mm (hole pitch of on-hook plate)

Subject : V-27 Small Size Acrylic Panel Indoor Phone

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