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V-21 ABS Plastic Panel Indoor Phone

ABS plastic panel, high light surface;

Using SMT technology, with high integration and good stability;
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Basic functions

With handfree visual intercom, communicate with management center, alarm function, monitor, unlock and etc.;

Can set extension password, Do Not Disturb, Police Whistle, Emergency alarm zone;

8 routes alarm inputs to set 24-hours defense zones and disarm defense zones;

Door switch and arm/disarm switch can be connected;

Visual intercom with management center and unlock;

Video signal can be matched with video-75R matching cap;


Technical parameters:

Optional color: Ivory White

Display: 4-inch TFT

TFT resolution: 220,000 pixels

CRT resolution: 400 TV lines

Alarm zones: 4, 7, or 8 routes

Message storage: 255 screen (60 words each screen)

Physical dimensions: 214 x192x48mm

 Mounting dimensions: surface mounting - 60mm (hole pitch of on-hook plate)

Subject : V-21 ABS Plastic Panel Indoor Phone

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