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Latest News
LEELEN won the title of COFCO's 2019 Excellent Warfare Cooperation Supplier




  On June 16, COFCO 2020 Supplier Conference was grandly held in Shanghai. At the conference, 18 outstanding general contractors, 10 landscapes, 6 hardcovers and other outstanding suppliers were commended, and LEELEN was awarded The title of "2019 Excellent Warfare Cooperation Supplier" by COFCO.




  From the middle of 2019 to the present, COFCO has carried out cooperation with suppliers such as general contracting, subcontracting, material supply and engineering services in the implementation of the principle of "objectivity, fairness, justice and seeking truth from facts". 3 comprehensive performance evaluations. The participating suppliers include more than 2,300 suppliers participating in the construction of COFCO 's projects under construction in 2019, with a total of more than 6,000 contracts. At the same time, the real estate group organized several comprehensive screenings to conduct on-site inspections of the entire group of projects. Combined with a comprehensive and quantified performance evaluation system and comprehensive screening and inspection, the winner list was selected.


  After nearly 30 years of intensive cultivation, LEELEN has been highly recognized by many real estate developers for its excellent service and high-end quality. In the future, LEELEN  will always adhere to the feedback of achievements in innovation and development, integrity and win-win, and always pursue the concept of "let people live in a five-star home" to help quality real estate, enable a better life, and continue to create value for customers.

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