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LEELEN Holiday Notice for Dragon Boat Festival



Dear Customer:

The fifth day of the fifth lunar month is the traditional Chinese folk festival, the Dragon Boat Festival. It is one of the ancient traditional festivals of the Chinese nation.

The Dragon Boat Festival has more than 2,000 years of history. Different regions have different customs. The main contents are: dragon boat racing, competition, batting, swinging, drinking realgar wine, eating salted eggs, dumplings, etc.

According to the notice of the Dragon Boat Festival holiday on June 25th of the State Council of China, our company makes the following arrangements:

From June 25th to 27th , 2020, there are a total of 3 days off. Go back to work on May 28th (Sunday).

Reminding: If you have any needs during the holidays, please contact with our sales , or you can send email to export@leelen.com at any time.


June 24, 2020

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