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  • LEELEN successfully won the bid for the tenth batch of CURA Green Real Estate joint purchase video intercom
    LEELEN successfully won the bid for the tenth batch of CURA Green Real Estate joint purchase video intercom


    Recently, the list of the tenth batch of successful bidders for Green Real Estate of CURA was released. With a good reputation and excellent strength, LEELEN successfully won the bid for video intercom joint purchase. It is reported that the joint purchase has 47 categories and the purchase amount of 10. 542 billion yuan, and 333 suppliers have entered bidding negotiations. In the current aftermath of the epidemic and the market downturn, LEELEN maintains dynamic observations. Faced with endless and ever-changing market information, LEELEN rationally analyzes market price, gathers strength, rides the wind and wave, and finally wins this video intercom joint purchase. The year of 2020 is the 8th year of cooperation between LEELEN and CURA. LEELEN's product quality, service concept, and perfect sales network will continue to be recognized and supported by CURA. LEELEN will try its best to complete the project implementation of the alliance member units, provide more comprehensive system solutions for real estate customers, achieve mutual benefit and create a better future. CURA, established in 1999, is an industry strategy jointly initiated by many influential companies in the real estate industry, including China Vanke Co., Ltd., Vantone Real Estate Co., Ltd., and Central China Real Estate Limited. CURA is an industry strategic alliance composed of brand developers in major cities across the country based on the principle of equality and mutual benefit. As one of the four cornerstones of the CURA, CURA joint purchase has completed nine batches of joint purchase since its inception in 2011, with a total purchase amount of over 31.3 billion yuan. It has become the largest entity joint purchase platform in China's real estate industry.

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  • LEELEN assisted the transformation of old communities, and the advantages of the face identification system were highlighted
    LEELEN assisted the transformation of old communities, and the advantages of the face identification system were highlighted


    In the daily management of the community, security is the top priority, especially the community access control system that is the first line of defense for community security. Recently, the old community renovation project in Shanzhuang Community of Chengde City and the Hutong Community of Ningbo in Zhejiang Province assisted by LEELEN has been fully reported by mainstream TV media. According to the report, in order to create a safe community, the two communities have installed face identification access control systems in the communities. The two communities with a long history seem to usher in a 24-hour "smart security guard", which regulates the management of personnel entering and exiting the community. The system creates a safe, convenient and harmonious community environment. The community instantly upgraded to a smart community. Report on the renovation of the Shanzhuang community in Chengde City LEELEN face access control system with its friendly sense of experience such as fast and accurate face identification function, high traffic efficiency, and intelligent entrance and exit management has won the unanimous praise of the community residents. The effect of personnel control and the convenience of face identification function are full of praise. Community property management personnel said that through this system, residents' entry and exit conditions could be grasped in real time, which effectively improving the level of personnel control and ensuring community safety. The information such as the entry and exit records of personnel and vehicles collected by face access control and camera equipment are uploaded to the platform in real time, which can be pushed according to the needs of government departments to realize joint prevention and control. This system also provides great convenience to community workers. Report on the renovation of Hutong district of Ningbo in Zhejiang As a leading company in the building intercom, LEELEN has deep accumulation and technical advantages in the intercom industry. LEELEN face identification terminal is based on the high-performance, high-reliability, and high-stability safe community operation center as the platform, with industry-leading deep learning algorithms as the core, and realizes face identification, living body detection, high-speed face recognition and human face comparison app. The product has a large capacity face database, accurate face recognition rate and other characteristics, suitable for various pedestrian entrances and exits, such as community entrances, scenic entrances, school entrances, office entrances and other places.

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  • The 7th CSHIA Alumni Association 2020 focuses on LEELEN Smart Home
    The 7th CSHIA Alumni Association 2020 focuses on LEELEN Smart Home


    On July 23, the 2020 Smart Home Integration Service Conference and the 7th CSHIA Alumni Association were held in Hangzhou. As an annual smart home system integration event, it brought together outstanding smart home brands and the backbone of first-line integrated services. Wang Yuanchun, deputy dean of LEELEN Internet of Things Technology Research Institute, was invited to participate and took the stage to share his views on smart home related topics. With the theme of "Renewing a New Start and Enlightening the Future with Smart Home", this conference systematically sorted out the industry development context, comprehensively counted the industry's innovative products, accelerated the promotion of service channel upgrades and market applications, and continued to stimulate the surging development momentum of smart home companies. At the conference, Dean Wang shared with everyone on the topic of whole house intelligence. He mentioned that the smart home industry is facing pain points such as complicated wiring, cumbersome installation and construction in batches, and difficulties in upgrading and transformation. The 9 major system functions of LEELEN Smart Home + N solutions can fully meet the needs of multi-scenarios and personalized users. Based on development strategy considerations, LEELEN combines its own product research and development and cooperation with third parties to create a rich and complete smart home ecological product and realize diversified interaction methods. During the conference, the full line of products of the 9 major systems of LEELEN Smart Home attracted a large number of audiences to watch and inquire. The rich product categories, exquisite product appearance, and N solutions suitable for multiple scenarios are all reasons to attract the attention of the audience. As a leading company in the intercom industry in China, LEELEN always regards quality and service as the core vitality of the company, and continues to innovate based on user needs. In the future, LEELEN will work with ecological partners to create a better and smart life and realize the mission of "Let people live in a five-star home"!

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  •  LEELEN signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Zhongjian Xinhe Land Property Co., Ltd. for a smart parking system project
    LEELEN signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Zhongjian Xinhe Land Property Co., Ltd. for a smart parking system project


    Recently, LEELEN and Zhongjian Xinhe Land Property Co., Ltd. signed a strategic cooperation agreement on a smart parking system project in Changsha, Hunan. LEELEN will establish a two-year in-depth strategic cooperation with Zhongjian Xinhe, and implement it in 15 cities across the country. In the future, the intelligent service system under the Internet of Things environment will become an important social infrastructure. Zhongjian Xinhe also intends to build an intelligent community through the combination of hardware and software in model projects, and expand the intelligent ecology, which coincides with LEELEN's vision of realizing the interconnection of everything in the community. Although this is the first cooperation. But we think in the near future, a cooperation platform will be built at a higher level, a broader field, and a deeper level to create a new journey of close connection and win-win cooperation. As the only operating platform for the real estate business of China Construction Fifth Bureau, after ten years of exploration, five years of start, and seven years of development, Zhongjian Xinhe has become an asset of 13 billion yuan, more than 1,500 employees, and a land reserve of nearly 6 million square meters. Covering eight cities inside and outside the province and possessing dual first-class qualifications for real estate development and property services, it is a large company with greater influence in Zhongjian System and Hunan Province. Concentrate on a new journey and forge ahead for a new leap. The cooperation between Zhongjian Xinhe and LEELEN can be described as a “strong alliance”. While continuing to improve R&D capabilities, product quality, and service levels, LEELEN will also work with Zhongjian Xinhe to further expand development space, improve operations benefit, realize resource sharing and coordinated development.

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  • LEELEN appeared in the 20th Hunan Intelligent Security Police Equipment ,Emergency Rescue Products and Technology Expo
    LEELEN appeared in the 20th Hunan Intelligent Security Police Equipment ,Emergency Rescue Products and Technology Expo


    From July 9th to 11th, the 20th Hunan Intelligent Security and Police Equipment and Emergency Rescue Products and Technology Expo with the theme of "Intelligent Security and police Innovation Equipment leading Science and Technology strengthening Police" was successfully held in Hunan International Convention and Exhibition Center. LEELEN presented the latest technical products and solutions at the exhibition. More than 200 national famous brands such as LEELEN , Huawei, Dahua and Yuci and more than 100 Hunan local well-known security enterprises participated in the expo. The exhibits include video surveillance, burglar alarm, access control, license plate recognition, conference system, security accessories, LED display, network security, police equipment and other fields. At this exhibition, LEELEN's appearance attracted the attention of many visitors, and the booth was crowded. As a professional provider of smart community and smart home integrated solution equipment, LEELEN exhibits products covering intelligent access control, intelligent door lock, switch panel, intelligent home system, building intercom, etc., to meet the diverse needs of different users. Relying on its own innovative products, LEELEN has won the recognition and trust  of the majority of exhibitors and received a lot of praise at the scene.

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  • Major breakthrough | LEELEN smart and safe community solution successfully applied to Zhangjiakou Yushan Mansion
    Major breakthrough | LEELEN smart and safe community solution successfully applied to Zhangjiakou Yushan Mansion


    With the long-term efforts of the Shijiazhuang branch, the LEELEN smart and safe community Solution was successfully applied to the Yushan residence in Zhangjiakou city. The project was greatly affirmed by the Zhangjiakou City Government and the Public Security Bureau. The government requested that the intelligence of the Yushan residence be citywide promotion and management of standardized standards, help modernize social governance, and build smart and safe communities. Smart and safe community The LELEN smart and safe community solution adopts a "cloud-edge-end" architecture, starting from the three dimensions of public security prevention and control, community management, and serving people's livelihood, using cloud computing, Internet of Things, mobile Internet, AI artificial intelligence and other technologies to integrate intelligence temperature measurement access control, man and vehicle bayonet, video monitoring, property management and other systems realize the automatic collection of information, scientific collection of data, panoramic analysis of the platform, and community joint governance. As the latest high-end residential project created by Rongqiang Group, Yushan residence adopts the most advanced community intelligent coverage and management, which integrates intelligent collection, intelligent early warning, and intelligent prevention functions. The owner can communicate with the property through the App to achieve contactless Face recognition infrared temperature measurement, a variety of intelligent door opening methods, door open linkage call elevator, personnel early warning management, vehicle traffic and early warning management and other functions. Real-time monitoring of personnel and vehicle trajectories, equipment status, emergencies, etc., real-time transmission of entry and exit records and captured images to the platform, street office, community police and community property co-governance, comprehensively improve the level of community technical defense. Based on the "one standard and three real" information collection, flexible and diverse information collection methods, the collected information can be pushed to the corresponding platform according to the needs of the government and public security, to achieve data integration and sharing, combined with the government public security business management needs, can quickly locate, on-site investigation to help community prevention and control. The Zhangjiakou Municipal Government and the Public Security Bureau attached great importance to LEELEN smart and safe community solution adopted by Yushan Mansion and highly praised it. The LEELEN smart and safe community solution effectively improved the owner’s happiness index and safety index, and made due contributions to the security of the Zhangjiakou Winter Olympics. Next, LEELEN will continue to deepen the construction of the community intelligent system, create a calm and...

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