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  • Leaders of the Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information visit our company for investigation
    Leaders of the Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information visit our company for investigation


    Recently,Deng Jianhua, the deputy director of the Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information,and his entourage came to our company to conduct field research. LEELEN Chairman Chen Xuli and Chief Quality Officer Zhong Jianhua received the visiting leaders and held in-depth talks with them. The chairman introduced the situation of LEELEN, current main work and development to the leaders, and showed the scenarios and applications that can be achieved by the overall solution of LEELEN Smart Home and Smart Community. The leaders fully recognized LEELEN achievements in smart homes and smart communities, and said that this is the future development trend of the industry and the prospects are promising. The chairman also introduced that the epidemic sudden outbreak in 2020 has brought a certain degree of impact to the normal operation of LEELEN, but there are opportunities behind the crisis. During the epidemic, the prevention and control needs of smart and safe communities and the higher demands of people on smart homes have brought a positive impact on the industry, and then forced the industry to achieve transformation and upgrade. Under the influence of the current epidemic, LEELEN was still able to maintain the stable performance growth in the first quarter. The leaders present couldn't help but admire LEELEN strength. Through its steady development, LEELEN has attracted more and more attention from domestic and foreign counterparts, and has also received more attention from relevant government leaders. Government departments have visited LEELEN many times and provided valuable development advice and strong support for LEELEN. In 2020, LEELEN will live up to its expectations and meet the difficulties, providing better products and better services for the majority of users.

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  • Why do real estate developers increasingly favor smart building intercom
    Why do real estate developers increasingly favor smart building intercom


    Building intercom products are the infrastructure of China's building construction and are part of security equipment. It has a history of nearly 30 years so far. As the standard configuration of house construction, it is a basic facility that real estate developers must purchase. With the development of the domestic real estate market and the market trend of intelligent equipment upgrades, real estate developers have gradually realized the upgrading of products. Smart building intercom has gradually become the standard for real estate developers to choose. Real estate developers choose smart building intercoms. There are many reasons, summarizing a few fundamental factors: Intelligent building intercom brings users a better experience Intelligent building intercom, combined with Internet and Internet of Things applications, can fully improve the user experience, can be directly connected to the owner's mobile phone, no one at home can respond through the mobile phone, the mobile phone can leave a message to the indoor unit, indoor unit It can directly communicate with the mobile phone video, which is of great value to users with elderly people at home. In addition to the improvement of the functional experience of the building intercom itself, the new features bring greater surprises to users, which will fully demonstrate the importance that developers attach to the user's living experience, and gain a high degree of recognition from users. Those developers who pay attention to brands will naturally prefer intelligent building intercom products with a sense of design. Smart building intercom can be expanded to a smart home control center With the rise of smart homes, in order to improve the quality of houses, many real estate developers slowly began to adopt smart homes as the standard configuration of houses, demonstrating the concept of their technology houses and smart houses. Installing a smart home requires a central control screen. In order to avoid the embarrassment of repeatedly installing multiple control screens and to reduce the overall cost, real estate developers hope that the smart home central control screen will be integrated with the building intercom indoor unit. As an intelligent building intercom system, this integration is indeed very convenient, providing users with a simple and convenient integrated solution, so that intelligent building intercom has become an intelligent control terminal of the residence, that is, carrying the building intercom function, and It is a control center for intelligent equipment throughout the house. Naturally, it has become the first choice for quality real estate brands. Smart building intercom can be used as an infrastructure for community operation management In order to maintain their own brand, real estate developers, especially brand real estate developers, also provide later property management services in addition to real estate development. With the continuous development of society, ...

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  • Tongle Street:
    Tongle Street: "Snow Project" to ensure safety, intelligent social governance


    In order to further enhance the level of intelligence in social governance and give full play to the actual effectiveness of intellectual defense facilities in social governance, Tongle community bases on the people's longing for a better life, solidly promotes the construction of the "Snow Project", and continuously improves the people's happiness and safety Sense and sense of acquisition. Community service builds a "smart platform". The community adheres to the principle of enhancing prevention and control capabilities and improving social governance, highlighting the principle of "resource sharing, data exchange, and application co-connection". Adopt a new construction method and incorporate the installation of public safety video surveillance networking into the overall plan for the transformation of old communities. Combined with the actual work of the community, coordinate the functional departments and related construction needs, rely on the comprehensive management of the external network construction and the public safety video networking sharing application platform, according to the community distribution, the actual needs of social governance, layout design through fixed monitoring. A total investment of more than 50,000 yuan was installed, and 15 high-definition cameras, covering the surroundings of the teacher's Xincun areas. Successfully realized the full coverage of the "Snow Project" in the jurisdiction, and built a social security prevention and control smart platform that "shares the entire network, is available at all times, and can be controlled at all times". Community management and construction of "electronic fence". There are many old communities and open communities in the Tongle community, and there is no long-term unmanned management. In addition, there is a large flow of people. In the past, it was a zone where conflicts and disputes were frequent. The "Snow Project" extends the scope of video surveillance from the primary and secondary arterial roads to the back streets and alleys of old communities, realizing effective monitoring and management of blind areas. After the construction of the "Snow Project" was completed, it was highly efficient to resolve disputes in the neighborhood, the roads in the community were clean, the street parking was reduced, and the public's sense of security was improved. The Tongle community continues to promote the construction of the "Snow Project", comprehensively build a three-dimensional, informational, and intelligent modern social governance system, and further extends the public security measures to the masses, connecting the "last mile" of community services, allowing residents Feeling of caring greatly improved the residents' sense of security, happiness and gain.

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  • Go hand in hand for a better future | Leelen won the title of
    Go hand in hand for a better future | Leelen won the title of "Excellent Supplier of 2019" by Xiangsheng Real Estate Group


    This time, the participating group has a total of 101 suppliers, covering elevators, air conditioners, entry doors, sanitary ware and other categories. The evaluation indicators cover the supplier's full-cycle business performance, including supplier construction, visa, settlement, and supply in terms of quantity, matching degree, material inspection pass rate, after-sales repair rate, etc., Selection of excellent suppliers of the year to recognize partners who made outstanding contributions to Xiangsheng Real Estate Group in terms of quality, service and long-term cooperation in 2019. With its outstanding product quality and service capabilities, Leelen stands out from many suppliers, which is the great affirmation and appreciation of Xiangsheng Real Estate Group for Leelen. It is the right time to deepen cooperation for development. In 2020, the cooperation between Leelen and Xiangsheng Real Estate Group entered the ninth year. Leelen, as a professional smart home, smart community overall solution equipment supplier and leading intercom company, is favored by Xiangsheng Real Estate Group, and continues to provide ingenious services for Xiangsheng Real Estate Group in visual intercom, and jointly create Many fine projects.        In the future, Leelen will use this as a driving force to continue to innovate and continue to work with Xiangsheng Real Estate Group with more professional qualities, better service capabilities and better products to further enhance strategic mutual trust, deepen pragmatic cooperation and create a better journey. Entry door Buyang Group Co., Ltd. Fuxin Taifeng Door Industry Co., Ltd. Qunsheng Group Co., Ltd. Water purification equipment 3M China Limited switch panel Simon Electric Group Co., Ltd. Feidiao Electric Group Co., Ltd. Video intercom Xiamen Leelen Technology Co., Ltd.

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  • Leaders of Qilin District, Qujing City, Yunnan Province went to Wenhua Sub-district to conduct research and guide the construction of smart communities
    Leaders of Qilin District, Qujing City, Yunnan Province went to Wenhua Sub-district to conduct research and guide the construction of smart communities


     On April 9th, the leaders of Qilin District, QuJing City, Yunnan Province went to Wenhua Sub-district to conduct a special investigation, and conducted an in-depth inspection of the construction of Wenhua Subdistrict Smart Community, accompanied by relevant persons in charge of the sub-district. During the field investigation, the research team had a comprehensive understanding of the location, positioning, and functional layout of Wenhua Street, and emphasized the need to focus on promoting the construction of the demonstration project for the modernization of social governance in the municipal area. Informatization management level, create a new social governance model of joint construction, co-governance and sharing.  It is reported that Fenglin Community of Wenhua Street introduced the LEELEN Ping An Community Solution, which is independently developed by LEELEN and is applicable to the construction and management of smart communities. It is based on the collection of one standard and three real information to realize the unified population, housing and vehicles Management, enhance community property management capabilities, accelerate community information construction, and further enhance the safety protection of community personnel and property.  In addition, in terms of community closed management, when residents, visitors, and vehicles enter and exit the community, the face recognition guns installed at the entrances and exits of vehicles and vehicles will automatically capture portrait information and upload them to the management platform to ensure that people can follow the signs. At the same time, the data collected by the platform is directly uploaded to the database of the Municipal Public Security Bureau for data comparison. The basic information of the community, household information and personnel access information can be uploaded in real time as needed.

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  • Labor Day Holiday Notice
    Labor Day Holiday Notice


    Dear Customer: According to the May 1st Labor Day Holiday Notice of the General Office of the State Council of China, our company makes the following arrangements: There will be a total of 5 days off from May 1st to 5th, 2020. Go to work on April 26 (Sunday) and May 9 (Saturday). Reminding: If you have any needs during the holiday, please contact with our sales or you can send email to export@leelen.com at any time.                                                                                                                LEELEN                                                                                                                                                                      April 21, 2020

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