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Digital Network Distributor

8 LAN Port;

RJ-45 Interface;

Three Working Modes;

Simple and Easy to Operate.

  • Product Detail

1. External view of the equipment

2.Technical specification parameters

Working voltage: DC18-24V±10%

Standby power consumption: 0.5W

IP grade: IP30

Capacity: 8 access port

Network: 10M/100M auto-negotiation

Access port: RJ45

Working temp: -25℃—70℃

Installation: surface-mounting

Dimension: 200mm x 95mm x 30mm

Color: iron grey


3.Functional characteristics

●The output voltage of the LAN port is the input voltage of the power input port of the network interchanger, and the maximum output current per port is 600Ma.

●The UPLINK port can be connected to the upper-level interchanger to achieve the network data communication function.

●It provides three working modes, and you can choose whether to supply power for the connected equipment and also choose different output rates of the LAN port to meet the different needs of users.

●It provides a short circuit protection function. In case of a short circuit in any LAN port, the network switch will cut off the power supply to the port without impact on the power supply to other ports; when the short circuit is released, it will automatically recover the power supply.


Subject : Digital Network Distributor

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