Home Intercom System
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Outstanding Features

Completely base on the network, significantly reducing construction costs

Using the current LAN in the plot as network platform and realizing all the functions at TCP/IP protocol layer. No need additional wiring, so it save manpower and material and easy to maintain.

Close Housekeeper

When the device detects the alarm, it will immediately contact the camera to shoot, at the same time the alarm details will be sent to the management center, and text messages sent to the household phone to facilitate the user to view the alarm information and the defense arm, disarm operation.

Remote Supervision

User can extend the smart home function to realize remote control. Use mobile phone or computer to check the status of elderly and children anytime at home. User can also make video call with family and control the home applicances.

  • video intercom V31S Video Indoor Station

    Ultra-thin design Vandal-resistant Alarm Screen Clean function

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  • Best V32S  Video Indoor Station Manufacturer,Supplier V32S Video Indoor Station

    Ultra-thin design; Lift-control function; Remote unlock function

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  • Best Model 8 Outdoor Station Manufacturer,Supplier Model 8 Outdoor Station

    Access Control Lift-Control Function Magnetic Lock Support

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  • Best F10 Non-visual Indoor Station Manufacturer,Supplier F10 Non-visual Indoor Station

    Call Center; Security Alarm; Audio Intercom Indoor Station When we choose the non-visual intercom with handle, we must choose one that feels good on the skin. Consider buying an ergonomic handle which can increase comfort. F10 Non-visual IP Intercom Indoor Station uses the concise white ABS panel material, simple mechanical button operation will bring you comfortable usage experience and visual enjoyment. Digital Indoor Phone Basic Functions: Audio Intercom Security Alarm Call Center Don’t Disturb Mode Emergency Help Anti-dismantle Alarm Secondary Doorbell Answer with Handle Technical Parameters: Working Voltage: DC12-24V±10% (SPOE support) Max Power Consumption: ≤1.5w Standby Power Consumption: 1.1W Network: 10M/100M Auto-Negotiation Panel Material: ABS Dimension(mm): 198*98.5*52 Color: White Operation: Mechanical Button Installation:86 box Installation or Fixed by Screws

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  • Best Model 15  Outdoor Station Manufacturer,Supplier Model 15 Outdoor Station

    Access Control; Swiping Card to Unlock; Video Intercom and Remote Unlock;

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  • Best Model 19 Outdoor Station Manufacturer,Supplier Model 19 Outdoor Station

    1. Access Control 2. Lift Control 3. Light Compensation at Night Equipment appearance: Basic Functions: Vandal-resistant Alarm Call Center Access Control Lift Control Light Compensation at Night Swiping Card or Password to Unlock Video Intercom and Remote Unlock Anti-hijacked Alarm Function Message or Photo Leaving Function Magnetic Lock Support Support Advertisement Play Two-Dimension Code & Face Identification Function Technical Parameters: Color: Gold Working Voltage:DC12~24V ±10% (SPoE Support) Audio SNR: ≥25dB Audio Distortion: ≤10% Display:4.3-inch TFT LCD Working Current: ≤350mA IP Grade: IP54 IC-card Support Operation: Touch Key-press Dimension(mm): 370*140*55 Capacity of Cards: ≤30,000pcs Max Power Consumption: ≤6W Resolution: 480*272 Panel Material: Alum + Tempered Glass Working Temp: -40℃~70℃ Camera:2 million pixels,0.1 Lux Horizontal Viewing Angles: 75° Embedded Box Dim(mm): 348*123*52 Standby Power Consumption: ≤3W Network:10M/100M Auto-Negotiation Installation: Embedded/Surface-Mounting

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  • Best V33 Touch Button Indoor Station Manufacturer,Supplier V33 Touch Button Indoor Station

    Lift-control Function Remote Unlock Function Screenshots record

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  •  Ultra-Thin Video Indoor Unit V32A Video Indoor Phone

    Ultra-thin Design; Lift-control function; Voice Message Funtion;

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  • Best Model 16/16N Outdoor Phone Manufacturer,Supplier Model 16/16N Outdoor Phone

    Lift control Video Intercom and Remote Unlock Anti-hijacked alarm function Equipment appearance: Basic Functions: Access Control Call Center Vandal-resistant Alarm Lift Control Light Compensation at Night Swiping Card or Password to Unlock Video Intercom and Remote Unlock Anti-hijacked Alarm Function Message or Photo Leaving Function Magnetic Lock or Electric Lock Function Support Advertisement Play Technical Parameters: Color: Black/Black + Silver Working Voltage:DC12-24V±10%(SPoE Support) Max Power Consumption:≤8W Standby Power Consumption:≤3W Working Current:≤450mA IP Grade:IP54 IC-card Support Capacity of Cards:≤30,000 pcs Network:10M/100M Auto-Negotiation Camera:2 Million Pixels,0.1 Lux Horizontal Viewing Angles:75° Audio SNR : ≥25dB Audio Distortion:≤10% Display:5-inch TFT LCD Resolution:480*272 Panel Material:Alum + Tempered Glass Working Temp:-40℃~70℃ Operation: Touch Button Installation: Embedded/Iron Gate Dimension(mm):170*386*64 Embedded Box Dim(mm):142*358*64

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  • Ultra-Thin Video Indoor Station V36 Ultra-Thin Video Indoor Station

    Ultra-thin Design; High-resolution LCD Screen; 10.1-inch TFT LCD; Sensitive Capacitance Touch Operation. details: The ultra-thin design do not have any sign of heaviness and give the indoor phone a nice look. To some degree, the suction cap mounting ways can reduce the space. All the interfaces in this system are universal and simple, which meets the most people. Digital Indoor Phone Basic Functions: House to House Intercom Community Information Video Surveillance Emergency Help Security Alarm Call Center Don’t Disturb Mode Lift-control Function Secondary Doorbell Cloud Intercom Function Anti-hijacked Alarm Function Technical Parameters: Working Voltage: DC12-24V±10% (SPOE support) Max Power Consumption: ≤4w Standby Power Consumption: 1.6W Network: 10M/100M Auto-Negotiation IP Grade: IP30 Audio SNR: ≥25dB Audio Distortion: ≤10% LCD:10.1-inch Resolution:1024*600 Touch Screen Working Temp: -25℃ to 55℃ Operation: Capacitance Touch Panel Material: PMMA Installation:86 box installation, hanger plate (Magnetic bond method) Dimension(mm): 255*170*15 Color: Black+Silver, Champaign Gold Power Supply Mode: 1. Support common supply mode; 2. Support SPOE Power Supply

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  • Best E60 Indoor Phone Manufacturer,Supplier E60 Indoor Phone

    Lift-control function Ultrathin surface mounting design Capacitive touch buttons with fast, reliable, and accurate touch performance

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  • video intercom V31S indoor station video door phone

    Digital indoor phone Touch screen and touch key with monitor function

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