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XIAMEN LEELEN TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD. has been specializing in researching, producing and selling intelligent security management system and network products as a high technology enterprise for several years. After 20 years of development, Leelen now owns more than 10 subsidiaries: LEELEN Electric Control Technology Co., Ltd, LEELEN Intelligent Network Co., Ltd, Safe-House Electronics Co., Ltd, LEELEN Injection Factory, LEELEN SMT Factory, LEELEN Mould Plant and so on. LEELEN has 1200 employees around, 21.8K square meters of manufacturing and office area which turns out a year-throughput about 2 million pcs. LEELEN has a top position in the domestic intercom industry, who set up research centers both in Xiamen and Beijing with 200 R&D Engineers who obtained Undergraduate or above Undergraduate degree with energetic technical innovation. It is the unique enterprise in intercom industry that awarded “Innovation Product Award”. LEELEN has a strong marketing-net for it owns 37 branches around China. It has a unique feature in the industry with its service hotline: 95105895, a perfect system for pre-sale, in-sale and post-sale service. The marketing share and sales production of LEELEN are in the top positions in domestic intercom industry for several years. LEELEN is the first enterprise certificated with ISO9001 and ISO14000 in Intercom System; passed the “Enterprise Standardization System AAA Grade”; got “Adopting International Standard Product Marking Certificate”; the unique enterprise in the intercom system who rewarded “Excellent Management”; a chief drafter of national standard GB50348-2004 and industrial standard GA/T-72-2005; the vice president of CSPIA and DCN; the excellent quality management enterprise that honored as “ Quality & Credit AAA Grade” enterprise; Certificated as “Continuous Qualification in Quality Inspection Y1996~Y2006” enterprise; the first company awarded “Fujian Top Brand” and “Fujian Famous Trademark” in Fujian, the top enterprise in the domestic intercom industry. All those products come in complete, advanced models that guarantee stable performance, and some of them have been exported to the United States, Europe, and south-east countries of Asia.

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Xiamen Leelen Technology Co.,Ltd.
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Welcome to Dubai INTERSEC 2017
Welcome to Dubai INTERSEC 2017 Exhibition Dates :2017-01-22

Venue: Dubai International Convention Exhibition Center

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  • LEELEN Products Successfully Used in Country Garden Malaysia Forest City Project
    LEELEN Products Successfully Used in Country Garden Malaysia Forest City Project
     August 23rd, after a week of the effort work, under the sincere cooperation of the international business department and the technical support department, the stage I site commissioning work of Country Garden Malaysia Forest City Project were successfully completed. As the Country Garden strategic cooperation branch, LEELEN products successfully once again applied in the international renowned projects. LEELEN has taken a solid step on the brand internationalization.    Country Garden Forest City is located in the Soma Special Economic Zone - Iskand Darta District, covers an area of nearly 20 square kilometers. Country Garden invested 250 billion in it, with the international top team to build the wisdom ecological city of Singapore. Building walls are covered with plants, the ground is the park, no vehicles through.   Technologist on-site commissioning   Training local construction crew. The products used in the projects are the Leelen L8 color video networking system, optional 10 model door station and N60 color video indoor phone. Guangdong Provincial Governor Zhu Xiaodan introduced the Forest city “the largest overseas investment, the most mature operation of the city development project” on the State Council’s Special Report. The successful application of LEELEN products in Malaysia has further proved the international influence of LEELEN brand and the excellent quality of the products. It has been recognized by developers, projectors and other partners in the course of practical application for many years. LEELEN will also take this as an opportunity to strive to build an international brand, to provide our clients with better service. Date :2016-08-23
  • LEELEN Once Again Won The Class A Supplier for Evergrande Group
    LEELEN Once Again Won The Class A Supplier for Evergrande Group
    Recently, LeeLen receive a business contact letter from Evergrande Materials Company that in the 2016 annual supplier evaluation work of Evergrande Group, Leelen once again won the Evergrande Gruop building intercom Class A Supplier because of its outstanding performance. Leelen has established a strategic cooperation with Evergrande Group by 2007, after ten years of cooperation, Leelen has been rated as its building intercom class A supplier by many times, and also together to create the strategic cooperation precedent between a building intercom industry and large real estate enterprises . It’s understood that Evergrande has established a perfect supplier evaluation and assessment mechanism that the suppliers will be included in their ERP system which setting standards for product delivery, quality, service and other aspects of the development. At the same time, in each quarter Evergrande will come to the supplier headquarters for on-site assessment, publiciting and grading the supplier’s scoring situation by the principle of fairness, justice and openness. In 2016, Leelen has a total supply of products and services to Evergrande’s more than 300 projects. In the efforts of all Leelen, the goods, quality, service and other aspects of the high score, with a total score of 95.3 points (out of 100 points) was rated A-level suppliers. This is a great affirmation to our implementation of the strategic standardization work, also give the staff of large customers of Leelen great encouragement. In the future we will feedback the trust and support of Evergrande by our more high-quality products and services. Date :2017-01-18
  • Re Cooperation Between LEELEN And Sunac China
     Re Cooperation Between LEELEN And Sunac China
    January 21,2017,Leelen learned from Sunac China that we won the bid for the fourth time ,and for four times as its building intercom equipment strategic supplier. Sunac China Holdings Limited is a real estate company listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, and launched a group strategic procurement in the same year. The Company is engaged in the integrated development of residential and commercial properties with its regional focus and high end and high quality product positioning strategy. The Company focuses on high-end property development and management business. Guided by its brand positioning as “Passion for Perfection” and insights into customer demands, the Company has long been providing high-end products to customers. The Company is determined to become a leader in real estate industry with relentless pursuit for high quality. Sunac China has numerous projects in different development stages in 8 regions of Beijing, North China, Southwest China, Shanghai, Southeast China, Guang-Shen, Central China and Hai’nan. The cities are all among tier-1 and core tier-2 cities with selective pick. Its business covers residence, villa, commerce, office building and other property types. In 2015, the Company has achieved a sales amount of RMB73.46 billion, ranking NO. 9 among China’s real estate industry. In 1H2016, the sales amount is 59.10 billion, further improving the rank to No.8. In 2011,Leelen Stood out in fierce competition, successfully become the Building intercom equipment strategic supplier of Sunac China. Leelen attaches great importance to cooperation with the Sunac, the formation of a special cooperation team, all projects are personally responsible. In the production of the implementation of the "four excellent" green channel, for the project of Sunac to provide quality building intercom products. Excellent performance to obtain Sunac’s approval, Leelen won the bid for four consecutive times. At the second brand supplier stategy summit of Sunac by 2015, Leelen was rated as excellent suppliers. Date :2017-01-21
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  • Address:65 Sunban South Rd., Jimei North Industrial Zone, Xiamen China. P.C. 361021

  • Email:export@leelen.com
  • Zip code:361021

  • Fax:0592-6299688

  • Service Hotline:0592-6157677

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