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XIAMEN LEELEN TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD. has been specializing in researching, producing and selling intelligent security management system and network products as a high technology enterprise for several years. After 20 years of development, Leelen now owns more than 10 subsidiaries: LEELEN Electric Control Technology Co., Ltd, LEELEN Intelligent Network Co., Ltd, Safe-House Electronics Co., Ltd, LEELEN Injection Factory, LEELEN SMT Factory, LEELEN Mould Plant and so on. LEELEN has 1200 employees around, 21.8K square meters of manufacturing and office area which turns out a year-throughput about 2 million pcs. LEELEN has a top position in the domestic intercom industry, who set up research centers both in Xiamen and Beijing with 200 R&D Engineers who obtained Undergraduate or above Undergraduate degree with energetic technical innovation. It is the unique enterprise in intercom industry that awarded “Innovation Product Award”. LEELEN has a strong marketing-net for it owns 37 branches around China. It has a unique feature in the industry with its service hotline: 95105895, a perfect system for pre-sale, in-sale and post-sale service. The marketing share and sales production of LEELEN are in the top positions in domestic intercom industry for several years. LEELEN is the first enterprise certificated with ISO9001 and ISO14000 in Intercom System; passed the “Enterprise Standardization System AAA Grade”; got “Adopting International Standard Product Marking Certificate”; the unique enterprise in the intercom system who rewarded “Excellent Management”; a chief drafter of national standard GB50348-2004 and industrial standard GA/T-72-2005; the vice president of CSPIA and DCN; the excellent quality management enterprise that honored as “ Quality & Credit AAA Grade” enterprise; Certificated as “Continuous Qualification in Quality Inspection Y1996~Y2006” enterprise; the first company awarded “Fujian Top Brand” and “Fujian Famous Trademark” in Fujian, the top enterprise in the domestic intercom industry. All those products come in complete, advanced models that guarantee stable performance, and some of them have been exported to the United States, Europe, and south-east countries of Asia.

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Xiamen Leelen Technology Co.,Ltd.
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Welcome to IFSEC INDIA  2019
Welcome to IFSEC INDIA 2019 Exhibition Date :2019-12-19 to 2019-12-21

Address: India Expo Centre

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  • LEELEN Won The "Top Ten Most Influential Brands " Award
    LEELEN Won The
    On January 7, 2020, the annual National Spring Festival  Reception was held in Shenzhen. The conference brought together more than 1,000 national public security representatives, industry association leaders, national security, intelligent transportation, and smart city industry CEOs. At the meeting, LEELEN won the "Top Ten Most Influential Brands of China Security in 2019" once again. This award was recognized by industry experts and users for LEELEN's outstanding performance in the field of security. LEELEN has gone from nothing to strength, from weak to strong, for 28 years. Today, as a smart home and smart community-integrated solution equipment provider,LEELEN has provided users with many high-quality products and is also continuously advancing in administrative management, technology development, and market expansion. In the future, LEELEN will continue to adhere to technological innovation and closely integrate the needs of actual application scenarios to provide more high-quality, high-tech, practical solutions, products,and services for the security industry! Date :2020-01-10
  • LEELEN Joined The China Property Management Institute To Assist Smart Community Construction
    LEELEN Joined The China Property Management Institute To Assist Smart Community Construction
    Since its establishment, LEELEN has always adhered to the concept of "Let people live in the five-star home", and started to grow gradually. The smart property solution launched by LEELEN has also provided convenience for many property companies. It uses the smart property management cloud service system, which is based on property management and is a management platform for properties, residents, and businesses. Also with Management, mobile office, community business circle, information release, mobile app, and other functions; integrates community intelligent hardware equipment and internal information system of the enterprise, optimizes management through internal information construction of the enterprise, realizes online and offline integrated services, and comprehensively improves service quality-Innovate the service profit model, realize diversified property services, and add value and generate income. At the same time, LEELEN actively maintained close ties with community properties, actively participated in relevant activities of the Property Association, participated in the "2019 Hubei Smart Property Summit Forum" and won the honor of qualified suppliers. Behind the hard work, the public's recognition is also increasing. Recommended by many LEELEN partners and property management companies, on December 26, 2019, LEELEN was officially approved to become a member of the China Property Management Association after strict inspection by the China Property Management Association. This will greatly help LEELEN to better understand the needs of customers and promote the development of smart communities. In the construction of a smart community, LEELEN's hard work and dreams never stop. In the future, LEELEN will continue to fully support the various work of the China Property Management Association, and work together with community property through the property management association platform to build a more beautiful and safe smart community. Date :2020-01-03
  • LEELEN Won Award of "The Outstanding Brand Marking a Grand Impact on Intelligent Building Electrical Industry”
    LEELEN Won Award of
    For recognition of enterprise strength to guide enterprise brand consciousness, December 20 afternoon, held in Beijing the impact of the eighth Chinese intelligent building electrical industry outstanding brand awards, held at the same time also the fifth national conference on building electric technology exchange, to strengthen the construction of electrical industry technology research communication and exchanges, promote the development of intelligent building electrical industry. During the event, LEELEN won the support of many industry experts and judges with its outstanding brand competitiveness, and successfully won the honor of “Top Ten Excellent Brands of Security Technology Prevention System”. Over the years, LEELEN has been committed to creating a comfortable, safe and convenient intelligent life for people, always adhere to independent innovation, through strong product competitiveness to constantly improve the brand influence, determined to become the leader in the industry. Date :2019-12-26
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